5 Warning Signs You May Be Dating a Married Sugar Daddy

married sugar daddySugar daddy dating can be pretty simple and straightforward when you use specialized sugar daddy websites. These websites are aimed at matching bachelors, widowers or divorcees with younger women who are seeking a mutually beneficial friendship, companionship, or relationship. Most girls or sugar babies on sugar daddy websites prefer simple, uncomplicated sugar daddy relationships with men who are single.

However, any kind of romantic relationship can be fraught with complications. No matter how honest or upfront you may be with what you offer and your expectations early on, a few unwelcome surprises can still spring on you along the way.

One of these is finding out that you've been dating a married sugar daddy all along. So, to avoid being caught in the middle of a potentially troublesome situation, be sure to watch out for the following five warning signs you may be dating a married sugar daddy:

He always has to be the one to initiate contact

This is a major red flag. Unless your sugar daddy is working for the FBI, CIA, or some other top-secret organization (and even people working for these organizations have off days!), there's no reason why you cannot ever call or text him once in a while if he is unattached. Totally forbidding you from initiating contact may be his way of protecting himself from any possible complications arising from his wife becoming curious about his phone activities.

He can only communicate with you at certain hours

If you notice that he only seems to be able to call you when he's in the office, late in the night, or when he's out of town on official business trips, there is a strong possibility that he is in a committed relationship.

He usually meets you in out-of-the-way places

Men who are in a committed relationship cannot risk meeting or being with their sugar baby in a place that's near their home or work address. The reason being that doing so raises the risk of being caught or seen together with their sugar baby by their spouse, partner, or someone they know.

He assigns an alias for you and asks you to do the same

Perhaps if you jokingly ask him to show you your name in his phone directory, you find out that he has assigned you an alias or code name. Or he may even do the same for both of you when you meet at a hotel or inn. Of course, you should be wary about jumping to conclusions. But if you've set your expectations about honesty early on, there should be no reason why you can't ask him calmly about why this is so.

He never takes you to social gatherings or events

Sugar baby-sugar daddy relationships can be platonic, while most of them usually resemble typical boy-girl relationships. However, you should be able to tell if your sugar daddy is simply an introvert who prefers your company in the privacy of his home or a weekend getaway, or is someone who is casually hiding his relationship from friends and family. Although you can't expect your sugar daddy to flaunt his relationship with you, you shouldn't be avoiding social events like the plague either, especially if you've been together for a while.

Then again, this depends on what both of you agreed on at the beginning of your sugar daddy dating arrangement. If you're starting to feel attached or have become suspicious and uncomfortable in your relationship, it may be time to talk about it. After all, clarifying your situation is the best way to know whether your relationship is something you would like to pursue or not.