Can I Be A Sugar Baby Without Being Intimate?

Sugar Baby Intimate

The short answer is, yes. But there are some considerations to keep in mind. If you're interested in sugar dating but not ready for an intimate arrangement, you may have questions about it. We'll answer your questions right here!

So, can I be a sugar baby without offering sex?

The prospect of intimacy in a sugar dating arrangement may seem like a given. However, not all sugar daddies require sex from their babies. Intimacy is not automatically part of the arrangement. But, you should address it prior to your first date.

Have an honest conversation before making the arrangement

Intimacy is an important element of a relationship. You should discuss it upfront, perhaps by video chat, so you're both on the same page. Discussing it before meeting face-to-face can avoid any awkwardness. You'll be able to enjoy yourself and have a lot more fun if you get the terms out of the way.

Is companionship enough for some sugar daddies?

Absolutely. Intimacy is not always the goal of these arrangements. Maybe he's married, and he doesn't want sex. Many sugar daddies just want companionship with a beautiful woman. He may be happy going out on glamorous dates and taking exotic vacations with you.

Join a sugar daddy website

If you're curious about how all this works, join a sugar daddy website. There are monthly fees involved, but it's the best way to see if this lifestyle is for you. Set up your profile and see what happens. There are also sugar daddy apps you can download on your phone. 

Being truthful is essential

You don't want to develop a relationship and then have to resist his advances. Be aware that if a man finds you wildly attractive and your relationship is progressing, he may begin to get sexually frustrated. At this point, it's your decision whether to continue the arrangement or not.

Are there as many prospective sugar daddies if I want a platonic arrangement?

Probably not. Your field of sugar daddies may be smaller if you take sex off the table. Keep that in mind if you're not getting as many prospects as you would like. However, be patient, and you may be rewarded with a fulfilling arrangement that is mutually beneficial.

If you are looking for platonic sugar dating, you may want to think about that when setting up your profile

The way you express yourself on your profile can give the impression that intimacy is not your priority. Perhaps making yourself look more classy than sexual in your photos can help to get your point across. Don't be sexually suggestive on your profile if you're not interested in pursuing that side of a relationship.

Date someone in a different state

Another strategy for platonic sugar babies is to date someone that is far enough away so you won't be getting together often. You could ask if he's willing to pay you for pictures. He could be satisfied with phone sex from a beautiful lady and not want to take it any further.

You can change your terms if you want

Maybe you've grown to care deeply about your sugar daddy, and you may be open to intimacy. You'll likely be able to tell by his actions that he is going down the intimacy road also. The ball is in your court then. Who knows? Maybe the arrangement will turn into a full, happy relationship that will last. Many sugar arrangements evolve into happy marriages. The key take away is that you are in charge of the agreement, and the decision is up to you!