Dating Etiquette - Discretion for Sugar Daddy Dating on Sugar Daddy Websites

sugar daddy dating etiquetteWhen it comes to dating sugar daddies on sugar daddy websites, discretion is paramount to both parties. Understanding the benefits of keeping secrets between the two should be common knowledge. Most of the sugar daddies on these sites have families and hold a professional job/position that they don't want to risk. Certain information relating to this should be kept discrete and not published on other forums either. Below we will discuss dating etiquette for a sugar daddy dating on sugar daddy websites.

1. Keep minimal communication

Communication is vital in any relationship, but this is not the case in sugar dating. Timing the appropriate time to text or call is very crucial for a successful sugar dating. When dating a married sugar daddy, communication on weekends should be off-limit. This mostly is the time the sugar daddy maybe spending some time off with the family.

Both of you should agree on the right time to call/ text and create a schedule that outlines meet-up days. You should pick on the day/s that will inconvenience none of you. Also, avoid texting the sugar daddy during dinner time and don't over text. It somehow makes you look desperate.

2. Keep your meeting location secluded

When arranging to meet your sugar daddy, avoid social places. You don't want your sugar daddy to meet somebody who knows he is married. Stay clear from such places and also areas that are of proximity to his home or workplace. Pick intimates spots that are cozy for romantic meet up but also secluded. If you leave alone, don't be tempted to bring the sugar daddy to your house. Your house should only be reserved for your family, friends, and people you are on a serious dating relationship. Once you decide to take your sugar daddy to your house, your private secret will be out in the open.

3. Maintain a low key

Because you are dating a rich sugar daddy who takes you out to fancy places on weekends, he may not want to be seen with you. When you take photos with him during your meetings, keep the pictures for yourself. Don't post them to your social media or any other forum for your friends or other people to see. Such images may spread and cause more harm to other people.

4. Have a solid cover-up story

People should not know of your existing relationship with a sugar daddy. However, sometimes you may be seen together or bump with a person who knows either/both of you. Such situations may be tense, and you may be asked to explain what you are doing together. In such scenarios, both of you must have agreed on a particular story that you will stick on. Don't let the awkward silence reveal your secrets when you are found together.

5. Keep your friends and family out of it.

Such information like sugar dating travels like wildfire. Since your family and friends are not part of the relationship, there is no need to involve them. Keep your intimate relationship just between the two of you. Don't suffer from word vomit and blab every detail of your relationship to other people as what you say may have grave consequences.

6. Be upfront

Most of the sugar daddies are people who have money and only want to have fun by treating and caring for others. Be clear to the sugar daddy of your expectation just at the beginning of the relationship. You have reasons that made you choose to date a sugar daddy, which will only be achieved if the relationship is kept discreet.

7. Know you are not the one

You should realize that the chances of the sugar daddy abandoning his family for you is none. Sugar dating is there to enhance both of your lives in a mutually beneficial way. The sugar daddy probably misses the spark of his dating life. Therefore, both parties should keep discreet and not cross the boundary as there is no future life between the two.

In conclusion

Sugar dating is a lifestyle that has not been accepted by everyone. Hence, no need to make waves. Your sugar daddy will be happy if you show him how you value the relationship by keeping it discreet. Following the above rules of discretion will ensure that you enjoy your sugar relationship.