How to Secure a Mutually Beneficial Arrangement

mutually beneficial arrangementMuch like any other kind of dating, there are challenges and rewards to sugar dating. You can take steps to mitigate the risks, but there will always be some kind of potential problem. Even so, the idea of having a nice rich man buy everything you need is certainly appealing. If you are interested in sugar dating, then read through our tips on how to secure a mutually beneficial arrangement that works for all involved.

How to Secure a Good Sugar Dating Relationship

1. Don't Sugarcoat It

They may call it sugar dating, but you shouldn't sugarcoat what you want. Don't hesitate to cut to the chase and outline what you want and what you are willing to give in return for that. It goes better for everyone when both parties understand what is in it for them. This allows you and your partner to focus on spending time together and making the most of it, rather than wondering what the limits are.

2. Get Everything Ready Ahead of Time

You should have established the agreement before having a face to face meeting. You can do this through texting or messaging apps on sugar dating websites or apps. You shouldn't leave something like this to chance in the personal meeting. The feelings of anxiety and excitement that come with such a meeting are going to cloud your judgment. It leads to mistakes and miscalculations and can leave you unprotected.

Think of it like a high-pressure sales situation where someone is trying to sell you a car. The deal sounds good and you're so excited to get a good deal that you end up taking on a bad deal with bad terms. It wouldn't happen if you got everything sorted ahead of time by laying out the terms of the agreement ahead of time before the meeting. That way, when you do meet in person, you'll have cause to celebrate instead of making the situation awkward and nerve-wracking.

3. Have a Video-Chat Date

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. The problem is it's so easy to lie – or at least exaggerate the truth – with pictures. Online pictures can be easily faked and manipulated. Live-streamed video is more likely to show you both the person you can expect to see when you do meet in person. Arrange for a video chat through an app like Skype and have some fun getting to see each other. What you do on this date is up to you.

The distance between the two of you should also make you both more comfortable than you would have been in person. Let your hair down a little and have some fun together. It's a good way to test the waters of a potential sugar relationship. What kind of chemistry do you have? Does this relationship have legs? These are the kinds of questions a good video date can answer for you.

4. Have a "No Obligation" Mini Date

Once you've had your video chat you'll be ready to move things into the physical world. Having a date like this is going to seem more like a second date too, so you'll both be feeling more comfortable and have an easier time building a rapport. If you couldn't have a video chat after all, then this date gives you the chance to see if the attraction and chemistry is there. You both get the chance to see if there is any future for this potential relationship.

5. The Fun Bits

Once you've done all of this and you've had all your little dates and meetings and put together the terms of the agreement, you're ready for the fun stuff. After the meeting of the minds comes the meeting of the bodies. You'll be comfortable with one another and ready to move forward with the mutually beneficial agreement and everything that comes with that.

Young people have it rough these days. The cost of living is increasing and it's getting harder to keep up with things like student debts. Securing a mutually beneficial agreement with an older person is a great way to make some extra money while having fun and learning a lot from their life experiences. Try out some sugar dating apps and websites and see what kind of arrangement you can make.