How To Spot a Gold Digger on Sugar Daddy Websites?

Gold DiggerMany gold diggers try to blend into the sugar daddy websites today, so spotting one can be a bit tricky, not mention too many ones hidden behind the crowd.

Some basic signs to watch out for to make sure you are not only nabbing just one gold digger.

1. Her Financial Aspect

It may seem obvious, but if she is more parasite than a princess when it comes to talking about the financial aspect of the arrangement, this is a sure sign of a gold digger. Not to be confused with someone who casually mentions that part of the agreement, since it is mutually beneficial. Steer clear of ladies who can't remember your name, but can remember to ask for their allowance monthly without fail.

2.Professional Con Artist

She always has a sob story for why she needs more money, or why she needs it sooner. While there are instances where even the sweetest of Sugar Babies can find herself in a bit of a tough spot, a gold digger is a professional con artist, and these sob stories will pile in almost weekly. Also, don't be surprised if she has a new designer bag on her wrist next time you see her after helping her pay for sudden car repairs.

3.Short of Getting the Next Check to Cash

A gold digger lacks goals short of getting the next check to cash. Motivated Sugar Babies to have a goal in mind when entering the Sugar Bowl, whether it's finishing school, building her own business, or as simple as getting out of debt. There is one goal a gold digger may have that you should be wary of, securing steady cash flow through marriage or a bouncy bundle of joy. That's at least 18 years of steady monthly "allowance".

Do keep in mind, just because she comes to the table with needs in the arrangement does not make her a gold digger. It means that she has a clear understanding of the workings of a mutually beneficial relationship. While it's always best to keep a lookout for these flags, you would be doing yourself a disservice to overlook some of the prime Sugar Babies on Sugar Daddy Websites for fear of tasting a little salt.

What are some measures you take to keep gold diggers at bay?