Why Sugar Babies Make the Best Girlfriends

sugar babiesMore and more successful men are looking to date sugar babies and then convert these women into their girlfriends, as they have figured out that sugar babies are ideal girlfriends. As a result, these arrangements aren't confidential – they have become serious relationships that can go public.

Sugar babies and sugar daddies are honest with each other.

Because an arrangement is best characterized by honesty, a man and a woman in an arrangement don't need to play games. Indeed, if you meet your girlfriend on a sugar babies website, of course, both of you know what's happening – neither of you needs to explain yourself. Hence, you have a real relationship – you are honest with each other from the start. In contrast, most traditional relationships are characterized by stress, lies, drama, and manipulation, so women in those traditional relationships are not the best girlfriends.

Sugar babies are feminine, attractive and sexy.

If you live in a western country such as the United States, chances are you are surrounded by overweight women who dye their short hair green or blue. (Sad but true). No wonder an increasing number of wealthy men are becoming sugar daddies looking for sugar babies who are pretty, sweet and caring. Statistics show that most women on sugar daddy websites are under 30 years old & they are not only good-looking but also easy-going. How often do you meet a wonderful woman like that in real life these days? Probably not very often. So, sugar babies are better candidates as girlfriends.

An arrangement means you have a love life on your terms.

Please note that an arrangement is also a relationship because it's a genuine relationship between a man and a woman who has decided to be honest with each other upfront. That is to say, respect, emotional connection, and mutual benefits all exist in a successful arrangement. In this case, your sugar baby is the ideal girlfriend material as such a relationship is very sustainable. Frankly, there are three pillars in a relationship: 1) intimacy; 2) emotional connection; 3) mutual benefits. A typical arrangement usually has at least two pillars, so it's a very good relationship. Note that a traditional relationship rarely has three pillars in it. If a relationship has one pillar in it, it already works. If a relationship has two pillars in it, it's a high-quality relationship. I haven't seen a traditional relationship with three pillars in it yet.

All your sexual fantasies come true in an arrangement.

A friend of mine is a woman who married a blue-pilled man. Because she wanted to look like a good wife, she refused to show her sexual side too much. First of all, she pretended to be a virgin when they got married. Second, she presented a prude's image in front of her husband to look like wife material. Lastly, her husband rarely had intimacy with her in the end and then they got a divorce. By contrast, a sugar baby knows that her duty is to make your sexual fantasies come true – there is nothing to hide as she is also a sexual being by nature. Remember: all women are very sexual by nature; some women hide their sexual desire because they want to look like wife material only. Since sugar daddies date sugar babies anyway, intimacy is always guaranteed to be fantastic.

Sugar babies are not feminists.

Most feminists are blue-pilled, fat and ugly women who can't get guys. I do apologize if you find this statement offensive. But that's just my honest opinion according to my observation in the United States and Canada. Based on my research in the sugar daddy dating department, sugar babies are not feminists because they are the opposite – they are red-pilled, slim and gorgeous women who can get high-value guys that want to spoil them. So, if you are a switched-on, successful and rich guy, you should date a sugar baby who will become the best girlfriend. Well, haven't you noticed that Melania Trump is a perfect example? Obviously, she is married to the most powerful man in the world now.