Where And Why Sugar Daddy Dating Is Popular

Sugar Daddy UKSugar daddy dating has probably been around since the time that wealth of any kind was created. sugar daddies who had managed to acquire the position and the prestige that the higher levels of financial success produce attracted sugar babies. The men got companionship and the women had security and the potential to ensure that their children if any would be well provided for.

The modern countries where sugar dating is most accepted and most active are Australia, the United Kingdom, the United States of America, Canada, and South Korea. These countries all have an economy, a culture, and an interest in personal freedom that supports sugar dating.

Sugar daddy UK dating and sugar daddy US dating are the largest markets for sugar dating and this in part stems from the vibrant entertainment industry in these countries and the overall acceptance of alternate lifestyles.

All of the countries where sugar daddy dating is most prominent have several factors in common.

Many economically successful sugar daddies

The United States and the United Kingdom have more very wealthy unattached men per capita than any other country. The number of men interested in sugar daddy UK dating and sugar daddy US dating has increased as the prosperity in these countries has developed over time.

Unattached wealthy men

Many of the men interested in sugar daddy UK relationships and sugar daddy US relationships have had at least one divorce. The time involved in developing and maintaining an economically superior enterprise often plays havoc with marital and family relationships.

The men who create the most wealth for themselves often put business and work first. This perspective is a necessity for becoming one of the top echelons of the financially independent. While they are developing their success many of these men simply do not have the time to devote to a traditional relationship.

Available women

There are more women than men where sugar daddy UK dating and sugar daddy US relationships are the most popular. Modern young women see no stigma attached to dating a very prosperous and interesting older man. Women are drawn to power and prestige even in the days of political correctness.


Sugar babies and wealthy sugar daddies have more free time to indulge in dating. The men delegate their responsibilities to trusted subordinates so they can enjoy the fruits of their hard work. The women see an advantage in the experience, the potential to enjoy the good things in life, and the connections that successful older businessmen can provide. The possibility of marriage and children is also an attraction for sugar babies and sugar daddies.

Sugar daddy US dating and sugar daddy UK dating is a practical solution to the problems that older successful men have with managing the time to have a relationship or just to enjoy the companionship of a beautiful and charming young woman.